The best way to store and organize your food

Experience the perfect overview on your stored foods with the new CASO® DESIGN Food Manager App. Use the app to scan QR-Code labels applied on your stored food items, which are then added to your personal food list. That way, you always have a clear idea of what's in your fridge or freezer and whether something is missing or short of expiring.
Learn more about the app and its handy features and begin now to embrace a more sustainable way to treat your food.

The best way to deal with your stored foods

An intelligent overview on your stored food items opens up new possibilities and advantages.

1. Get the perfect overview on all your stored food items.
2. Be able to better plan your grocery shopping.
3. Save money by wasting less food.
4. Be inspired by your food list: "What can I cook today?"

CASO Food Manager App Features

Organizing your food items becomes fun!

Smart storage
  • Put leftovers in a container and scan it in order to add it to your personal food item list.
  • Scanned foods can be sorted by place of storage (freezer / fridge / storage room etc. )
  • Scanned foods can be displayed by type of food (fish, meat, vegetables etc.)
  • The CASO Food Manager App informs about the durability of your stored foods by letting you attribute an expiry date to each food item on your list.
Handy QR-Code labels
  • Label your stored food items with handy QR-Code labels provided by CASO Design.
  • Scan the label and add the respective food to your personal stored food overview.
Shop smarter
  • While enroute, check what's available in your fridge. That way, you can make sure to only buy foods you need.
Cook more creatively
  • A quick look into your CASO Food Manager gives you ideas on what you can cook.
Ideally combinable with CASO Vacuum Systems
  • Use the CASO FOOD MANAGER APP in with a number of CASO Vacuum Systems. The ideal addition to the best possible way of sustainably dealing with your food items. Note that CASO Vacuum Bags and Foil come with a variety of differently-sized QR-Code labels.
No QR-Code labels at hand?
  • All food items can also be added and organized manually – no problem.
More Safety
  • The app's technology is based on a protected, safe and independent security system in Germany.
Quickly scan and identify your food with EAN Code
  • You can now scan the EAN code on the packaging of a food item using your phone camera. The app then automatically identifies your food item, making it a lot easier to add and save new food items.
Use hashtags to create your own categories
  • Use hashtags in the notes section when adding a new food item to categorize it and find it more easily.


Download the CASO® Control App for your iPhone or iPad from the AppStore.


Download the CASO® Control App for your smartphone or tablet from the Google Play Store.

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